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Our Nutraceutical excipients for oral solid dosage form include Emulsifiers for encapsulation, Gelatin replacers for veggie softgel capsules, besides binders, fillers, disintegrants, superdisintergrants, and lubricants.

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Dosage forms

Our Nutraceuticals excipients include binders, fillers, superdisintegrants, lubricants, gelatin replacers for softgel and emulsion for encapsulations, for different dosage forms.

Image Tablets Tablets

Binders for Direct Compression and Wet Granulation, Fillers/ Bulking Agents, Disintegrants and Superdisintegrants, Lubricants and Viscosifiers

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Image Tablets

Image Softgel Capsule Softgel Capsule

Gelatin replacers for softgel, Film formers and Plasticizer

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Image Softgel Capsule

Image Encapsulated powder Encapsulated powder

Emuslfiers for Encapsulation

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Image Encapsulated powder

Image Hard Capsules Hard Capsules

Diluents, Disintegrants and Superdisintegrants and Lubricants

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Image Hard Capsules

Image Syrups & Suspensions Syrups & Suspensions

Viscosifiers, Suspension Aid and Humectants

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Image Syrups & Suspensions

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