This website was designed and developed to meet internet accessibility standards.

Above the main menu you’ll find a bar with all the standard navigation shortcuts, in addition to the option to change the contrast of the content. Navigation using the tab key on the keyboard starts with two options: going to the content and going to the main menu. After these options, you can browse the rest of the site and access the other links on the page.

Also, there are some keyboard shortcuts available. Check out:

Alt + 1: Directs to the accessibility page;
Alt + 2 or Alt + ↑: Increases the font size;
Alt + 3 or Alt + ↓: Decreases the size of the letters;
Alt + 4: Turns on high contrast;
Alt + 5: Directs to the main menu;
Alt + 6: Directs to page content;
Alt + 7: Activates the search bar;
Alt + 8: Directs to the footer of the site;

* On MAC use the OPTION key instead of ALT

These shortcuts are supported in the following browsers: Internet Explorer 6+, Safari, Firefox and Chrome.